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South Korean Trader Succeeds on a Big Crude Oil Deal with the Help of BWT BG

A South Korean trader was offered a contract for the supply of crude oil in huge quantity. He came across with a well-reputed entrepreneur in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that was able to sell the crude oil in large quantity. Since the South Korean trader’s crude oil requirement was too voluminous and they being [...]

Standby LC – SBLC – MT760 help US Trader to Grab Gold Deal

Gold prices around the World have decreased swiftly due to market volatile situation in the last couple of years. Hence, this attracts investors looking for trading openings in this precious metal. Due to this situation investors usually buy Gold as a way of spreading their investment. While buyers utilize Standby LC - MT760 to purchase Gold Bars. The Challenge: [...]

Standby Letter of Credit – A UK based Company and their Coal Transaction

A UK trading company discovered a potential supplier in Russia and signed a contract with them for the supply of steam coal against a colossal deal. The Russian supplier asked for 30% advance payment, at the outset; but their available capital was insufficient to meet the down-payment requirements. Hence, the UK firm negotiated with the [...]

South African Trader Benefits from Performance Guarantee provided by BWT.

A company based in South Africa who is supplying urea internationally, got multiple contracts from different buyers to supply urea in Asia. As per international import & export terms & conditions, each buyer demands a Performance Guarantee from their suppliers after signing the contract. Surely, in this economic climate the urea supplier doesn’t want to [...]