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Bronze Wing Trading Success Stories

Here is the portfolio of our successes in assisting our clients globally with their trade finance requirements. By having our own bank accounts with International Repute Banks, we have marked our presence as a Trade Finance Provider in Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, USA, and UK, UAE, Hong Kong, and more than 100+ countries. Whether you require – Letter of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit, or BG MT760s for your trade deals or projects, we are always here to assist you! Below are some of the testaments of how we served the trade finance needs of our clients. Read Bronze Wing Trading Success Stories now!

Recent Bronze Wing Trading Success Stories

Advance Payment Bond – Advance Payments – Bronze Wing Trading

Real Estate Contractor Availed Advance Payment Bond for Their Construction Projects

A Real Estate Contractor with good repute had taken an office building Project. To carry out the project, they required upfront from their counterparty. To avail Advance Payment, the contractor required Advance Payment Bond. See how we facilitated the required bond from our European Bank Account.
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Performance Guarantee - Performance Bond Providers

Performance Guarantee facilitated by Bronze Wing Trading benefited a South African trader to conclude their Urea Deal

A South African trader who supplies Urea globally got a contract from different buyers all over the world. To secure their trade deal, each buyer demands Performance Guarantee. Since the offer seems to be a worthy one, the seller decided to arrange MT760. Read the story to see how we helped the trader to avail MT760.
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Bank Guarantee for International Trade - MT760 - BG Provider in Dubai

Bank Guarantee MT760 provided by BWT helped a South Korean trader to conclude a successful Crude Oil Deal

A South Korean trader got a contract for the supply of crude oil in huge quantity in barrels. They came across a reliable supplier in Saudi Arabia. The supplier demanded BG MT760 from the buyer to conclude the deal. To avail BG MT760 on behalf of them, the trader contacted BWT, Bank Guarantee providers.
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SBLC MT760 - Standby LC -SBLC Providers

Bronze Wing Trading helped the US Trader to sign a Gold Deal by providing SBLC MT760

A US-based trader wants to enter into the gold trade market. And they decided to utilize Standby LC (SBLC MT760) to purchase Gold Bars. Since the buyer was unable to open standby LC from their bank, they contacted BWT, the leading SBLC provider in Dubai to avail SBLC MT760.
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Letter of Comfort – BCL Bank – MT799 – Bronze Wing Trading

US Firm Acquire Huge Sugar Deal by Availing Letter of Comfort from Us

A US-based company got a contract to import a large quantity of sugar from Brazil and supply to their buyers in Africa. To prove their financial strength to the supplier, the buyer required a Letter of Comfort. So, they contacted Bronze Wing Trading to avail BCL MT799 on behalf of their company. Further, read our full story…
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SBLC - SBLC Providers in UK

A UK based company’s Coal Transaction concluded successfully with SBLC

A UK based trading company received an amazing offer to import steam coal from a supplier in Indonesia to supply their end buyers. They decided to conclude the deal by availing Standby LC from BWT, SBLC provider in Dubai. After analyzing their trade deal, we provided SBLC on behalf of their company & in favor of their supplier.
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