Frequently Asked Questions

We provide our Trade Finance Services in terms of Letter of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Performance Bond – Performance Guarantee, Tender Bid – Tender Bond, Advance Payment Guarantee and Bank Comfort Letter.

Bronze Wing Trading is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For Location Map CLICK HERE.
Bronze Wing Trading is in business from decades.
The minimum transaction value that Bronze Wing Trading deals with is USD/EUR/GBP 250,000/-.

Bronze Wing Trading can provide maximum value of financial instrument in tranches of USD/EUR/GBP 5 M per day.

For Example: If you want SBLC for 20 M, then we can provide in 4 tranches of USD/EUR/GBP 5 M per day (5M x 4 Days).

The issuance fee charges of the financial instrument can either be transferred in our bank account or paid in our Dubai office on the day of its issuance.

Yes, Bronze Wing Trading accepts payment by Escrow with a law firm in Dubai and the client needs to cover the law firm charges. Also, the minimum transaction value needs to be not less than USD/EUR/GBP ONE Million.
No, Bronze Wing Trading does not accept MT 103/23 or ICBPO being issuance fee charges of the required financial instrument.
No, Bronze Wing Trading does not accept LC/SBLC/BG being issuance fee charges of the required financial instrument.
The issuance fee charges of the financial instrument are to be paid only to Bronze Wing Trading.

Brokers may add up their commission/referral fee/brokerage fee on top of our issuance fee charges to their clients. If  Bronze Wing Trading receives the commission charges, it will be reimbursed to the broker’s designated bank account.
The fee charges needs to be paid before opening the financial instrument to cover the bank commission, its processing fee, swift charges & etc. as per normal banking system.

No. All of the financial instruments, once issued cannot be cancelled as they are Irrevocable.
The financial instruments’ charges depend on its validity. Our Marketing Staff can provide you with an up to date Tariff schedule upon request.
Once the financial instrument is issued your fee charges cannot be refunded. We recommend to all of our clients that they need to assure themselves of their supplier’s ability to perform before requesting us to issue any banking instruments.
Bronze Wing Trading can provide the financial instruments in USD, EUR or Pound Sterling.

The validity varies depending on financial instrument such as;

Letter of Credit90 DAYS180 DAYSNA
Standby Letter of Credit90 DAYS180 DAYS365 DAYS
Bank Guarantee90 DAYS180 DAYS365 DAYS
Performance Bond – Performance Guarantee90 DAYS180 DAYS365 DAYS
Tender Bid- Tender Guarantee90 DAYS180 DAYS365 DAYS
Advance Payment Guarantee90 DAYS180 DAYS365 DAYS
Yes, Bronze Wing Trading can provide a TRANSFERABLE financial instrument upon client’s request.
Yes, the financial instrument is renewable and can be renewed before 15 DAYS of its expiry subject that the client pays its extension fee charges.
Upon receipt of the required documents and issuance fee charges in our bank account; Bronze Wing Trading will conclude the transaction in ONE Banking Day.

No, Bronze Wing Trading does not require any Financial Collateral.
But before issuance of the financial instrument, Bronze Wing Trading will obtain an undertaking from client’s company stating that incase of any claim arise under the issued financial instrument, client’s company will cover the entire amount of the claim.

Bronze Wing Trading does not provide loans or finance in terms of Cash Investment.

No, Bronze Wing Trading is not trading (buying or selling) any financial instrument.
No, Bronze Wing Trading does not discount or finance against any financial instrument.
Bronze Wing Trading has accounts with several international banks. Based on the transaction, clients will be informed about the issuing bank details at the final stage of deal conclusion.

Yes, Bronze Wing Trading will provide the draft/text of the financial instrument for the client’s approval once the deal is finalized.

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