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Bank Guarantee Process

We, Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. can assist you in your trade by providing Bank Guarantee – BG MT760. This will help you to achieve your business goals without tying up your working capital.

To obtain BG MT760 from rated banks, please follow the simple process given below:-

  1. Initially, the client will submit the details of their trade to us. And this will include the signed proforma or sales and purchase agreement of their trade deal or project.
  2. BWT will review the deal between buyer and seller. Then, we will update the client about the approval or rejection of their BG request.
  3. If the request is approved, the client will have to sign a service agreement with us. And then, they need to pay the service charges. So, we can start working on their request to issue BG MT760 without blocking their cash funds. 
  4. Once they signed the agreement and pay the service charges, we will work with our bank to block our bank limit, as per their deal; and send the BG draft to the client for their review & approval. Also, we will ask the client to provide further documents and pay the BG issuance fees.
  5. Once we receive the draft approval, the documents, and the issuance fees, we will proceed with our bank to issue the BG. Accordingly, our bank issues the BG via SWIFT MT760. Also, this entire process will be done within 48 working hours.

Bank Guarantee Process – Letter of Guarantee – How to Apply Bank Guarantee

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    Do you require BG MT760 to conclude your deal?

    Send us your requirements to avail BG MT760 without cash margin

    Do you require BG MT760 to conclude your deal?

    Send us your requirements to avail BG MT760 without cash margin

    What is Financial Bank Guarantee?

    Also called as Bank Guarantee or BG MT760, it’s issued by a bank on behalf of its client upon their request. If a client wants to enter into a new project or trade deal, then they require a Guarantee to assure their commitment towards their counterparties. In this case, the client contacts their bank to get BG MT760. The issued BG acts as a promise to assure the counter party, that in case of buyer’s default, the bank will meet all financial obligations as stated in the contract.

    As BG gives required assurance, nowadays, most of the trade dealings are happening with the use of Bank Guarantee. Further, this BG MT760 helps traders to do business & execute trade deals with big companies which couldn’t be possible without the use of Letter of Guarantee. All these makes Bank Guarantee as the popular financial instruments in today’s trade market.

    How Bank Guarantees Work?

    When importers / exporters get connected to do business, Trust is the glue that holds both parties. In such cases, the trust is easier to maintain, if a third party stands as a guarantor to bear any unforeseen crisis.

    BG MT760 is an agreement between 3 parties, viz. the applicant, the recipient, and the bank. Whereas, the bank promises to cover a loss; if a buyer defaults. So by having a third party assurance, BG promotes trust between traders. And this will greatly encourage them to conclude their deal.

    For example: If a developer is going to sign a construction contract with the contractor or a buyer enters into a contract for the supply of goods, then they require a Bank Guarantee to assure their commitment in terms of payment to their counter party. This Guarantee gives assurance that the task will be completed without any hurdles. In case of any default, the bank obliges to meet the commitment as agreed in the contract. However, it doesn’t give any guarantee to any party regarding the completion of a project or the supply of goods and so on.

    In case of any default in the contract and if the counter party needs to claim the payment means, then the BG needs to be liquidated. To claim the BG, the seller or the contractor needs to submit the required documents to the bank as per the contract terms. The bank will review the documents and if it complies, then they will make the payment as compensation to the counter party.

    Advantages of Bank Guarantee

    • Improve the credit ratings for issuers of industrial growth, revenue bonds, and commercial papers.
    • Provide backup facilities for loans granted by third parties.
    • Assure performance under construction and employment contracts.
    • With BG, working capital is not tied up in one project; rather can be spread around.

    Parties Involved in Bank Guarantee

    In BG, three types of parties involved:-

    • Issuing Bank: The one who takes the obligation for payments, in the case of a default by the contractor or buyer.
    • The Applicant: The buyer of goods / services or a contractor who hired to fulfill a contract.
    • Beneficiary: The seller of goods / services or a company that needs a contractor.

    Since the bank is taking a commitment on behalf of the clients, the applicant needs to prove their creditworthiness to the bank to get BG from their bank. The bank will also do a proper background check of the applicant and make an account of credit history, liquidity, past transactions and so on.

    Even if the applicant complies with all these terms, they will demand certain percentage of the guarantee value as cash margin, assets as surety or third party assurance. The bank will start working on your BG request, only if the client obliges with all the terms and conditions of the bank.

    Being an International Bank Guarantee Providers in Dubai for over 3 decades, we understand the challenges of the traders. Also, we are well aware the pledging cash collateral is difficult for someone whose working capitals are spread in other business or trade deals.

    If you are a buyer or contractor who require Bank Guarantee & if you don’t want to tie up your working capital in a single deal, then you can get help from us. To apply BG MT760 on your behalf, without any cash margin, fill out the formfill out the form. We provide BG MT760 from rated banks within 48 working hours.

    Types of BG

    Performance Bond

    • Issued for honoring a project or task and completion of the same in the specified time frame as agreed in the contract.

    Advance Payment Bond

    • Ensures that they will return the advance payment in case of non fulfillment of terms as per the contract.

    Bid Bond (Tender Bond)

    • Assures that the winning bidder will undertake the project & abides the terms of the contract.

    BG Cost

    The cost of BG MT760 includes the commission fee, transmission fee & processing & handling charges. Further, to get more info on costs & other tariffs, contact us!

    International Bank Guarantee Providers

    Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. is an International Bank Guarantee provider. We can provide BG MT760 on behalf of your company without obtaining any financial collateral from your end. Also, having BG MT760 in hand can assist you to conclude more worthy contracts with principal suppliers.

    With our decades of expertise in offering trade finance services, we can assure you that we can provide you the right solution to conclude your deal in a timely way. Further, we are the one-stop solution for all the financial instrument requirements of a growing trader.

    Fill Out the Online FormFill Out the Online Form to get Bank Guarantee on behalf of your company without investing your cash funds!

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