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Here is the portfolio of our successes in helping the clients with their trade finance requirements. With 30 years of experience in providing Bank Instruments, we have facilitated more than 25,000 clients globally. Also, we have marked our remarkable presence in the trade finance industry by providing financial instruments from our rated banks. Read Bronze Wing Trading Success Stories to know how we are serving the needs of our clients.

Recent Bronze Wing Trading Success Stories

SBLC Payment Term – SBLC Providers – Standby LC – MT760

Sudan Buyer Imports S30 Sugar from India on the basis of SBLC Payment Term

The Client from Sudan is the local supplier of Refined Cane Sugar in grades of L30, S30, and ICUMSA 45. Also, they used to buy sugar from wholesale stockists; and then supply to the local buyers to earn handsome profit. Recently, the Sudan wholesale buyer contacted Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the SBLC Providers in Dubai. This is to get the SBLC Payment term to import sugar from India. Read the story to see how we serve the client by providing SBLC Finance.
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Letter of Guarantee – Bid Bond Guarantee – Bank Guarantee Providers

Construction Firm Requires Letter of Guarantee for Submitting their Tender

A Contractor reached out to us to avail Letter of Guarantee to submit a tender for a new office building project. Firstly, we, the Bank Guarantee providers in Dubai listened to their request. Further, we helped them by providing tender bid on their behalf. And then, with the issued bond, the client honor the terms of the bid. Finally, they signed the worthy contract with the project owner. Further, read our success story to know how we serve the trade finance needs of our clients.
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MT700 Swift – Letter Of Credit Issued By Bank – Bronze Wing Trading Success

Bronze Wing Trading’s Success in Issuing MT700 Swift on Behalf of a Turkish Buyer

A Turkish buyer required LC MT700 Swift to import Wet Salted Cow Hides from USA. Bronze Wing Trading, the Letter of Credit Providers helped the buyer by providing LC MT700 swift from a rated Bank. Further, with the issued LC MT700, the Turkish buyer concluded their deal with the US supplier. Read the full story to know how we, the financial instruments providers helped the Turkish trader to conclude their Cow Hide Deal by providing the required DLC.
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Usance LC – Letter of Credit Providers – LC MT700 – Bronze Wing Trading

Indian Trader Availed Usance LC to Import High-Tech Thermal Camera Kits from Dubai

Many countries are preparing to lift restrictions to protect its economy from the aftermaths of COVID -19. And this increases the demand for PPE supplies, especially gloves, masks, and thermal checking and screening devices. To meet this demand and to earn handsome profits, an Indian trader decided to import Thermal Cameras by using Usance LC as a payment term. Read this story to see how we helped the Indian trader to open LC.
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SBLC Credit to import cars from germany

Chinese Trader Availed SBLC MT760 to Get SBLC Credit from Their Bank to Import Cars from Germany

After the recession in the economy, the leading automobile dealer in China has planned to expand its car sales business to make more profit out of it. For that, they decided to import cars from Germany using packing credit. Bronze Wing Trading, the SBLC Providers in Dubai facilitated SBLC MT760, which helps the trader to avail Import Credit / SBLC Credit facility from their bank to import cars from the German supplier.
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Payment Guarantee in Construction

BWT Issued Payment Guarantee in Construction On Behalf of a UAE Construction Company

The leading construction contractor in UAE required Payment Guarantee in Construction to get the advance payment from their project owner. So, they contacted us with their MT760 request. We studied and approved their request. Finally, Bronze Wing Trading, the trade finance providers in Dubai helped them by providing the required bond without blocking their cash funds. See how we helped the contractor with MT760 for their project.
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Performance Bank Guarantee

A UAE Construction Contractor Availed Performance Bank Guarantee from Bronze Wing Trading

Amidst COVID 19 Pandemic, the building contractor in Dubai got a building project from one of the developers in UAE. To sign the contract and to assure the positive completion of the project; a UAE contractor required Performance Bank Guarantee on their behalf. So, they decided to get help from Performance Bond Providers and contacted us with their MT760 request.
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A Japan Scrap Trader Required LC MT700 to Import Millberry Copper from a UK Supplier

Millberry Copper comes with high thermal and electrical conductivity and also it can be recycled 100% without any quality loss.  Mostly, this type of copper scraps is used in the electrical industry and machinery. Further, to meet the need for scraps, a Japan trader decided to purchase 4000 metric tons of 99.99% millberry copper. And to secure the deal, they decided to use LC MT700.
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Mt799 bcl

Libyan Trader Required BCL Bank to Import Drilling Rig Equipment from the U.S.

Global oil demand continues to expand its shares across major markets. So, Oil and Gas Company in Libya decided to expand their production to meet emerging demand in the near future. To stand ahead of the competition, a Libyan trader decided to procure drilling rig from reliable exporters. Bronze Wing Trading assisted the trader with BCL Bank that proves their financial worth to purchase oil rigs.
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