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Bank Comfort Letter Process

Are you looking to get BCL MT799 to show your financial ability towards your supplier to sign the purchase contract of bulk goods? Bronze Wing Trading can provide a Bank Comfort Letter – MT799 from our own European Bank Accounts.

Below is the step by step process to get BCL MT799 from rated Banks:

  1. Buyer submits their request along with ICPO, FCO, Pro-forma offer, or sales contract of their trade deal.
  2. First, BWT will perform an analysis of their trade deal between buyer & seller. Also, we will inform the parties about the approval or rejection of their BCL request.
  3. And then, if the request is approved, the buyer needs to sign a service agreement.  Accordingly, they need to pay the service charges to start work on their transaction.
  4. Instantly, after receiving the service charges, we will start structuring their BCL request with our bank by blocking our bank limit.
  5. Further, we will send the BCL MT799 draft copy to the client for their review; then, we will also inform them of the BCL issuance fees.
  6. Upon receipt of related documents, approved draft copy, and the charges; then we will act with our bank to provide BCL MT799. Moreover, this BCL will be transmitted to the seller’s bank via authenticated Swift MT799. Further, this Swift MT799 proves the buyer’s ability for closing their trade deal.
Bank Comfort Letter – MT799 – BCL MT799

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    Do you require BCL Bank MT799, as a Proof of Funds?

    Send us your requirements! We will provide BCL Bank on Your Behalf from Rated Banks!

    Do you require BCL Bank MT799, as a Proof of Funds?

    Send us your requirements! We will provide BCL Bank on Your Behalf from Rated Banks!

    What is a Bank Comfort Letter?

    Bank Comfort Letter, a written undertaking by a bank to assure the financial capability of their client to sign the contract. Further, this is issued on behalf of the buyer and in favor of the supplier to indicate the buyer’s financial capability to purchase bulk goods or commodities.

    In today’s trade industry, suppliers always want to work with a financially competent buyer who can pay for the supplied goods on time without any default. That’s why, before signing the sales contract, sellers usually demand buyers to provide Bank Comfort Letters.

    By providing the Bank Comfort Letters, buyers prove their financial ability to purchase the offered products and show their eligibility in the global trade market. Further, it also helps to build a trust bridge between buyers and sellers, which is of utmost important in overseas trade transactions.

    Availing BCL MT799 is an inexpensive way for buyers to show their financial strength to complete the purchase of bulk goods. Are you in need of a Bank Comfort Letters to show your financial status to your supplier? Now at Bronze Wing Trading, we offer simple and easy service to get your required MT799 in as fast as 48hrs. Submit your requirements to us!Submit your requirements to us!

    MT799 SWIFT Message

    MT799, known as a confirmation Swift Message issued by a bank on behalf of their client to assure that he /she has enough funds to complete the deal as agreed. However, this swift message doesn’t give any assurance or guarantee of payment to the counterparty.

    If you’re going to import bulk goods from an overseas supplier and you need a BCL MT799 to sign the contract; then we can help you by providing MT799 from a top-rated European Bank.

    Usually, Banks may demand tangible collateral to provide a Letter of Comfort on behalf of buyers. But, we at Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. assist the traders by providing BCL Bank on behalf of their company without obtaining any cash margin.

    Once you submit your BCL request to us and all the formalities are done, we will instruct our bank to proceed with the issuance of BCL. And then, based on your trade deal, our bank notifies your supplier via SWIFT MT799. Further, this Swift message shows your financial ability to buy bulk goods as per the signed contract.

    How Letter of Comfort Works?

    Issued by a bank, Letter of Comfort received in the form of a SWIFT Code MT799. This Comfort Letter is issued by a bank on behalf of its client & in favor of the seller. Once the seller received the swift message, they need to provide a valid POP (Proof of Products) to the buyer. Further, this acts as proof that the seller has the products in ready stock, as per the signed contract.

    By the time, after receiving the POP from the seller, the buyer needs to provide a Letter of Credit or Standby LC or Bank Guarantee, in favor of the supplier; also , hereby the trade will be commenced.

    Bank Comfort Letter Cost

    The cost of BCL usually includes issuance fee, advising fee, transmission fee; also, swift charges. Further, all the charges should be covered by the applicant; also, be paid to the issuing bank, prior to its issuance.

    Avail BCL MT799 from Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C.

    Being an MT799 provider, we too know that it is very hard to get BCL MT799 on behalf of your company without blocking your working capital. Usually, banks will not issue an MT799 without some form of collateral. So, if you’re not ready with a hefty amount of collateral, then obviously your BCL request will get rejected by your bank.

    Here we come in between by facilitating BCL MT799 from our bank account without blocking cash funds! Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. has 3 plus decades of trading experience in serving the trade finance needs of clients worldwide. Also, we understand the financial challenges faced by buyers & suppliers when it comes to importing bulk goods from overseas. Under those circumstances, to assist you with all your trade finance needs, we are here for you!

    Do you require BCL Letter from Bank to sign a new trade deal or contract? Contact us today! We provide a quick and simple procedure that will allow you to get the required BCL MT799 to carry out business without any hassle. Get BCL Bank from us and show your financial capability to your supplier for concluding larger contracts/trade deals!

    Apply now to avail BCL MT799BCL MT799 within 48 working hours!

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