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Commodity Trading

Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. is ranked as the top import and export company by offering a wide range of commodities both locally and globally. Also, our products mainly include – Agro products, construction supplies, and petroleum by-products.

With years of experience in the trading industry, we have created an icon in this industry by fulfilling the demands of the clients. Also, we are proud to have a keen focus on customer service and premium quality products. Further, we strive our best to be the trusted trade partner for our clients by offering the best quality products & the best price. 

Commodities Imports and Exports

Organic Foods

Usually, we maintain a genuine linkup with farmers who supply a wide range of food products. And it includes – Rice, Sugar, Edible Oils, Dry Fruits, etc. Also, all our food products are of high quality, natural and fresh.

Moreover, for a full range of products we deal with, check out the list below, or contact us now!

Dry Fruits & Nuts

Thai Parboiled Rice | Bronze Wing Trading basmatic rice | Bronze Wing Trading IR 64 Rice | Bronze Wing Trading

White Sugar ICUMSA 100 Coarse Sugar White Sugar ICUMSA 150 Powdered Sugar Brown Sugar ICUMSA 800-1200

Dates pistachio Raisins Walnut Almond Cashew Nuts

Sunflower Oil Vegetable Oil Canola Oil Palm Cooking Oil

Black Pepper Cardamom Cinnamon Cassia ClovesRed Chili Ajwain Seeds

Construction Supplies

Certainly, we have our own warehouse of construction supplies; so we act as your one-stop supplier for all your needs, from cement bags, steel bars to floor tiles. Further, we maintain a strong partnership with producers; this enables us to offer the best prices for the supplies you need.

Moreover, for a full range of products we deal with, check out the list below or contact us now!

Metal Scraps
Roofing Products
Steel Bars

Refractory Castable Cement White Cement Bags 42.5 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement | Bronze Wing Trading

Brass Scrap Copper Scrap Electronic Scrap Lead Scrap

Terracotta Roof Titles Aluminum Roofing Tiles Clay Roof Tiles Concrete Roof Tiles

Steel Rebar Structured Steel Bar Deformed-Steel-Bars

Petroleum Products

We have a solid tie-up with refineries and companies; that supply high-quality petroleum byproducts. In addition, we import / export a wide range of commodities; also, which are of premium quality and best price. Further, being one of the genuine imports and exports company, we can export a min. 2-3 million barrels per day.

Also, for a full range of products we deal with, check out the list below or contact us now!

Fuel Oil
Petroleum Coke

Bitumen 85-100 Bitumen Penetration Grade 20-30 Bitumen 60-70

D2 Diesel Oil Diesel Oil Marine Gas Oil Bunker Fuel Oil

Green Petroleum Coke Pet Coke Granules Calcined Petroleum Coke

Contact Bronze Wing Trading, Commodities Imports, and Exports 

We are the one stop shop for all your import / export needs. Mostly, we do our best to maintain products available all the time. Likewise, in certain cases, if we’re unable to deliver the products due to lack of stock; we will inform you. Also, we will keep your contacts in our database. Further, once the product stock is updated, we will notify you via email or phone.

Want to start your imports and exports trade? But facing a lack of cash flow to expand your business? Contact us! We also provide trade finance services for traders who face a lack of cash flow or lack of banking options to conclude their deal. 

Moreover, we provide a Letter of Credit, Standby LC, Bank Guarantee, Bank Comfort Letter, and so on without any collateral. Also, we provide trade finance services on behalf of your company and in favor of the suppliers to conclude your deal.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail Trade Finance Services from us! Certainly, we will help you to start your imports and exports business without any hurdles! And to avail, our Trade Finance Services, send your details to our email

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