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Bank Guarantee Requirements: How to Obtain Bank Guarantee?

Are you unable to take up new projects due to financial crunches? Now you can sign worthy trade deals and contracts by availing BG MT760. But, how will you get started with the BG request? Do you know what the Bank Guarantee requirements are? In order to avail BG MT760 from banks, there are certain terms that you should comply with. Continue reading the blog to know – What is Bank Guarantees & the requirements to get BG MT760. 

What is Bank Guarantees?

Bank Guarantees are issued by a bank as a promise to undertake the payment risk on behalf of its clients. Mostly, BGs are used in trade deals and projects to protect the counterparty from fiscal risks. Further, this MT760 guarantee helps traders even SMEs to import goods from big companies, which usually could not be happened without BG MT760. For this purpose, nowadays,  more & more traders require BGs to grow their business & to earn status in the global trading market.

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What are the Bank Guarantee Requirements?

Anyone who has a good financial record with their banks can apply for BG. If you contact your banks to avail BG; they will analyze your banking history, credit score, and liquidity, before approving your BG request. Further, they would also study your deal, the value of required BG, beneficiary details, etc. Then, if everything is up to the mark, they will consider your BG request; Also, they will ask you to provide a certain percentage of the BG value as collateral or cash holdout. Finally, if you comply with the banking requirements, the officials will provide the required approvals & will start to process your BG request.

How to Obtain BGs at ZERO Collateral?

In case, if your banks said “No” to issue the BG due to the non-compliance of banking norms, don’t hold or lose your project! We are here to help you by providing the required BG without demanding a cash margin. Since we have our own credit facilities with rated banks, we will block our bank limit based on the BG value you require. Further, the bank will issue the BG from our bank account on behalf of your company. Also, with us, you can avail the required BG without providing us any fiscal security.

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Documents Required for Bank Guarantees

  • Proforma invoice or sales contract of the trade deal or contractual agreement of the project
  • Copies of company registration or Trade License
  • Passport copy of authorized signatory
  • Proof of residence address & company address for the authorized signatory
  • Bank account statement for the last 6 months
  • VAT Registration (if applicable)

Apply BG MT760,

Once you are ready with the documents listed above, you can submit your BG request to us! We, the International BG Providers can analyze your trade deal and get back to you with a FREE quote within 24hrs! Contact us now & avail the BG in just 2 days at ZERO Cash Holdout!

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