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How to Get Commodity Trade Finance?

Do you know – What is Commodity Trade Finance? Commodity Trade Finance is the method of financing import and export of all kinds of goods – energy (petroleum products, natural gas), metals (iron ore and steel products…); also, agro (rice, wheat, sugar cotton, etc.).

For example: Imagine you are a buyer of rice in Dubai; who buys rice from India and sells it to local buyers. If you have an urgent demand for rice to be imported from India. In this case, where you will find the money to conclude this import? Further, how you will find the right financial support for your deal? Also, how you will secure your imports from trading risks?

This is where Trade Finance comes in! With the use of trade finance services, you can grow your business; without unlocking your cash funds!

Further, today, as imports and exports of goods have increased; traders are flocking around the banks to get fiscal support for their import and export deals. Are you looking to get trade finance support for your import deals? Get collateral-free Trade Finance from us within 48hrs!

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Types of Commodity Trade Finance

With more than 80% of the worlds’ trade depends on trade finance. Bank Instruments play a vital role in imports and exports. Moreover, there are different types of financing options available. Besides, all the below listed are used mostly by traders, when it comes to global trade.

These Bank Instruments are designed to perform import and export in a safe and secure way without facing any trading risks. Also, here, banks act as a guarantor. Hence using Trade Finance assures the counter parties that the payments & other terms will be fulfilled without any default.

Commodity Trade Finance – Letter of Credit – Standby LC – MT760

How to Get Commodity Trade Finance?

To get trade finance for your imports, you can contact your bank with your request. And then, if you have enough credit facilities available in your bank; further, if you are ready to provide cash margin; then your bank will help you to get the required instrument.

But, amid the global crisis, banks are scaling back from issuing fiscal support for their clients. On the other hand, the demand for goods are increasing. And so, traders are looking for other options to get trade finance support to do imports & earn profits.

Since we understand the demand for trade finance among traders, Bronze Wing Trading, the Trade Finance Providers in Dubai extend our own credit lines available with Good Repute Banks to facilitate the issuance of LC, SBLC & BG MT760.

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