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How to Apply for Bank Guarantee from European Banks?

Are you looking to avail Letter of Guarantee on behalf of your company? But don’t know how to get started? Watch this video to know more about – How to Apply for Bank Guarantee from European Banks?

Bank Guarantees are the written undertaking issued by banks to assure the counterparties that they will be liable to meet the payment terms. In case the client fails to oblige with the terms as per the signed contract. To b noted that MT760 Guarantees are usually used in the purchase of bulk goods, lease equipment, heavy machinery, drawdown loans, and so on.  Also, availing Letter of Guarantee can help traders to secure loans. Also, they can conduct business dealings with sellers which couldn’t be possible without BG.

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If you contact your bank with a guarantee request, first they will do an analysis of your financial background. And then, they will ask for a certain percent of the deal value as a cash margin. And then, they will proceed with your request only if you meet their marginal demands.

So, if you’re a business owner who didn’t want to block your working capital to get Guarantee Letter, then contacting Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the Bank Guarantee Providers in Dubai would be the right choice for you!


How to Apply for Bank Guarantee

To avail MT760 Guarantees from European Banks, follow the simple process given below:-

  1. First, as an applicant, you need to submit your BG requirements to us. We will study your application & if it obliges with our terms, then we will approve your request.
  2. As the next step, we will ask you to sign the service agreement and to pay the service charges to start working on your request.
  3. Further, by blocking our bank limit, we will structure the required guarantee and will send the draft copy for your review.
  4. Further, once you provide your approval on the draft, we will ask you to pay the issuance fees to proceed with the issuance of BGs on your behalf.
  5. After receiving the issuance fees, we will instantly forward your BG request to our bank and instruct them to issue the requested BGs. As per our request, they will issue the BG to your counter party’s account via SWIFT MT760.

By following these simple 5 Steps Process, you can get Bank arantees on behalf of your company from European Banks!

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Advantages of BG MT760

  • Give small businesses the ability to assure the counter party that they have the ability to meet the financial commitment. That would otherwise seem beyond their limit without BG.
  • Acts as proof to prove financial credibility backed by a bank.
  • Reduce the fiscal risk involved in dealing with unknown dealers.

Apply for Bank Guarantee,

Have you decided to use Bank Guarantee Letter for your upcoming trade transaction? Now it’s very easy and simple to get the BG MT760 issued on your company’s behalf! All you need to do is – submit your BG requirements to us along with the details in regard to your trade deal or contract. Our team will structure your BG transaction in the best possible way  &  will get the Guarantee Letter issued in 2 working days.

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