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What is Swift MT799 and How It Proves the Buyers’ Financial Capability?

What is Swift MT799?

Bank Comfort Letter is called an authenticated SWIFT MT799 which is issued by a bank on behalf of its clients. This is to verify the buyer’s financial capability to purchase bulk goods and commodities from potential suppliers. So, what is Swift MT799, and how does it help traders to prove their financial strength? Watch this video to see how a Libyan Trader imported drilling rigs from the USA by availing BCL MT799.

Our Client who owns an Oil and Gas Company in Libya decided to expand their business by purchasing drilling rigs from the USA. Further, to make this deal, the supplier asked the buyer to provide Bank Comfort Letters, which proves their financial worthiness to import drilling rigs from US Supplier. As a result, to make the deal effective, the buyer contacted us with their BCL request. And to help the buyer to conclude their trade deal; we facilitated BCL MT799 on behalf of the buyer from our European Bank Account. Also, by showing the Comfort Letter as proof, the buyer signed the contract of purchasing drilling rigs with the US Supplier.

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With over 30 years of experience, we, Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. act as a leading provider of BCL MT799 from European Banks. Further, this BCL SWIFT MT799 helps traders to prove their financial strength to buy certain goods or merchandise from their suppliers as per the agreed contract.


SWIFT MT799 Application Process

If you’re looking to avail BCL MT799 to prove your credit strength towards your suppliers, follow the simple BCL Process given below.

  1. Firstly, you need to visit our BCL page to submit your BCL requirements online or send it to us via email.
  2. Secondly, we will do due diligence by analyzing your request.  Further, if it met all our criteria, we will approve your request.
  3. Hence, if your request is approved, you need to sign the service agreement with us. Also, you need to pay the service charges.
  4.  Next, we will structure your BCL MT799 by blocking our bank limit. After that, we will send the BCL draft for your review and approval.
  5. Finally, after receiving the approved draft and BCL issuance fee from your end. Instantly, we will instruct our European bank to issue the BCL directly to your supplier’s account via SWIFT MT799.

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Within 48 working hours, your supplier will receive the BCL Bank – Comfort Letter on behalf of your company from our rated European Bank Account. As a result, this MT799 stands as an official notification that you have enough cash funds to conclude the purchase of bulk commodities.

Get BCL in 48Hrs!

Apply for Bank Comfort Letter & get the proof of your financial capability in just 48hrs! What we do is – We will provide the Comfort Letter from our bank account on behalf of your company stating that you are financially eligible to purchase bulk goods from your supplier. Also, with reference to the Comfort Letter, you can be able to get the POP (Proof of Product) from your supplier to know the availability of a product in stock. Contact us now to get SWIFT MT799 without blocking your cash funds!

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