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Are you searching for the right trade finance solution to conclude your trade deals or contracts? Stay tuned with our Bronze Wing Trading Blog Section! We frequently update our blog section by posting informative news, and articles related to trade finance services. We maintain this blog section for our visitors to help them to learn; how they can make use of Bank Instruments to grow their business both globally and locally.

All the materials posted here will provide a clear insight into the trade finance facilities available for importers, exporters, and contractors. Whatever your trade finance requirements are, our team is here to help you by providing the best solution for your business! Bookmark our blog page & keep yourself updated!

Latest Blogs

Bank Guarantee Vs Surety Bond – Bank Guarantee Providers

Bank Guarantee vs. Surety Bond – What’s the Difference

Bank Guarantee vs Surety Bond are used to protect the parties involved in the supply of goods or projects. Further, these MT760s assure if any default occurs; and then, the banks will be liable to pay as per the terms.
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Different Types of Financial Instruments – Trade Finance Providers

Different Types of Financial Instruments

The world of global trade has been growing ever; i.e. because as more and more traders are doing import and export to fulfill their needs. Also, for this, traders make use of types of financial instruments to conclude their trade deals.
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LC Payment at Sight – DLC MT700 – LC Providers – Imports and Exports

What is LC Payment at Sight in Imports?

LC Payment at Sight, the payment term used in international trade finance to secure trade dealings from financial risks involved. Also, it gives more assurance for payment; so mostly preferred by sellers, who often do overseas trades.
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Difference Between MT799 and MT760 – SBLC MT 760 – BCL MT 799

Difference between MT799 and MT760: MT799 vs MT760

MT799 Vs MT760 – MT799 used as a certification to prove the financial capability. Further, MT760 acts as a guarantee of the payment upon the fulfillment of certain T&Cs. In brief, we have provided the Difference between MT799 and MT760. So, if you want to know more, continue reading the blog!
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LC Terms and Conditions – LC MT700 – LC Providers

Documentary LC Terms and Conditions

Documentary Letters of Credit have been used for centuries to facilitate payment in global trade dealing. Further, ICC – UCP rules for Documentary Credits govern LC Terms and Conditions. Also, read this blog to learn more on LC Terms and Conditions.
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How Letters of Credit Work - LC MT700 - Letter of Credit Providers

How Letters of Credit Work?

Letter of Credit, a written undertaking issued by a bank, on behalf of its client, i.e. an importer or a buyer. This acts as a promise from a bank to make the payment to the seller, once they meet certain conditions. See How Letters of Credit work for trade transactions.
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Difference between LC and SBLC

Difference between LC and SBLC: Letter of Credit vs Standby Letter of Credit

Do you want to know the difference between LC and SBLC? Of course, both are the most popular financial instruments used in international trade transactions. Also, it helps traders to conclude their trade deals successfully!
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LC Opening - How to Open LC - Document Required for LC

What are the Documents Required for LC Opening?

Looking to avail Letter of Credit to facilitate your global trade? But, not sure, where to start? Also, don’t have an idea of what documents required for LC opening? Indeed, we are here to help you!
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