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Different Types of Financial Instruments

Different Types of Financial Instruments

The world of global trade has been growing ever before; as more and more countries are doing import and export to fulfill their needs and demands. However, when it comes to trading; there is no question about it: Doing import and export requires ample cash flow and trade finance support. So, to help traders with the required support; banks and private trade finance providers provide different types of Financial Instruments – DLC MT700, SBLC MT760, and Bank Guarantees.

What are Financial Instruments?

There are different types of financial instruments, the banks normally provides on behalf of their clients. Further, these instruments act as a guarantee for the clients to conclude their business at the right time.

Usually, to avail these instruments, the clients require certain banks facilities. Also, they may have to provide a 100% cash margin to the bank for the issuance of the said instruments. However, in some cases, they may demand tangible collateral to avail trade finance facilities.

But, for many traders, arranging cash margin or tangible surety seems to be tough. Because, they don’t have such funds available at their bank account. On the other hand, maybe, their capital is involved with their on going trade.

That’s why, we, Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the Bank Instruments Providers are here; to assist these traders to avail such facilities from rated banks. And for this, we don’t demand or request any form of cash margin; also, don’t demand any collateral from them. Above all, they have to pay only the issuance fee to avail their required instruments for their trade.

Different Types of Financial Instruments We Provide

Letter of Credit

Letters of Credit is one of the popular banks instrument used in global trade. Further, this is a written undertaking issued by a bank on behalf of importers; to assure their payment towards their supplier. Also, by giving DLC MT700, the buyer gives assurance to the seller; that they will get paid; once they ship the goods as per the agreed terms.

To avail DLC MT700, contact us! We, the Letter of Credit Providers in Dubai are here to assist you!

Standby Letter of Credit

Standby LC is a payment guarantee towards the seller to assure their payment; i.e. once they comply with the contractual obligations to the buyer. On the other hand, by issuing SBLC MT760 in favor of the seller; the bank assures that the buyer will meet the payment commitment, without fail. Also, it ensures that in case of any default, the bank will be liable for the payment.

To avail SBLC MT760, contact us now. We, the SBLC Providers in Dubai can provide you the required SBLC from our rated banks within 48 working hours.

Bank Guarantees

Bank Guarantees are a written payment commitment issued by a bank on behalf of its client. And this gives assurance to the counter party; i.e. upon fulfillment of their contractual terms, they will get paid. In addition, this BG MT760 also reduces payment risk and encourages bulk trade deals. As a result, nowadays more and more traders and contractors are using MT760 for their business.

Further, there are various types of Bank Guarantee available and they are:

  • Performance Bond
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Bid Bond

Also, these MT760 are used to assure the performance of the counter party; i.e. either in supply of goods; or construction work within the set time limit.

Bank Instruments Providers

Do you require DLC MT700, SBLC MT760, or Bank Guarantee for your import or export? Contact us today!

Being Bank Instruments Providers, we are here to support you with all your trade finance needs!

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