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Letter of Credit Issuance from European Banks for a Dubai Trader

Our Client owns a company in Dubai Free Zone which deals with all types of scrap metals. To expand their product line, they decided to import millberry copper wire scrap from a reliable seller. Further, to conclude this deal, the client required MT700. Bronze Wing Trading, the LC Providers in Dubai assisted the trader by facilitating MT700 Issued from European Banks.

Client’s Objective – Letter of Credit Issuance

Our Client, the leading industrialist in Dubai decided to expand their scrap trading business. In the local market, they got a demand to supply tons of copper millberry wire scrap. So, they searched for a seller who can provide a huge quantity of copper scrap. Via B2B portals, they found a genuine seller of scrap from India. Further, they both discussed and agreed to conclude their trade deal via the LC Payment term.

Client’s Challenge – For LC Issuance

The client required a Letter of Credit to conclude their copper scrap import deal. Since they already used their bank facilities, they can’t able to open DLC from their bank. Also, they tried some other options to get financial support, but nothing worked out. Further, the economy is unstable. So, the client didn’t want to invest their capital funds into this deal. So, they searched for the better option available. Then, they came to know about us via a broker, who referred to Bwtradefinance, as the genuine and trusted provider of LC at Sight in Dubai. And then, the trader visited our website and read our LC Issuing Process.

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Letter of Credit Issuance – LC Providers in Dubai – Scrap Metal Import

Client’s Visit to Our Office in Regards to LC Issuance

After knowing about us and our process, the client contacted us via phone; also, booked an appointment with us to have a meeting in person. Further, they visited our office along with their broker and had a great discussion about their MT700  needs. We explained our terms and working process in detail to them. Also, we assured the client, if they approve the LC draft and pay the LCs issuance fees, we can be able to issue the DLC within 48 working hours. Further, the client agreed that & they signed the service contract and paid the service charges on the same day.

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Our Process in LC Issuance

Instantly, we started working with our bank for their LC deal and sent the DLC draft the very next day. Then, the Client verified the draft as per the Letters of Credit Checklist. Further, they approved the DLC draft; also, they paid the issuance fees for issuing the LC from one of the best banks in Europe. Straightaway, we instructed our bank to issue the required MT700 as per the approved draft. As per our request, our bank issued the DLC; in favor of the Indian seller via SWIFT MT700.

Our Success in Letter of Credit Issuance

Once the seller received the LC on the buyer company’s behalf, the client conveyed their sincere gratitude towards us; by writing a review; which you can see on our Bronze Wing Trading Reviews page.

This is how we assisted the Dubai trader to import copper scrap from India with the use of DLC MT700.

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