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Reasons to avail Financial Bank Guarantee and how to apply

What is a Bank Guarantee? Bank Guarantees are defined as a financial instrument that is issued by a bank on behalf of its client at their request. Via BG MT760, they assure the supplier that they will meet the financial commitment. i.e., in case, if any default occurs or the buyers cannot meet the terms of their contract.

While doing a business, you might come across a situation that your client may ask for a guarantee from a third party. Further, in such a case, you may approach your finance provider and ask them to stand as a guarantor for the project. Here comes the role of the Bank Guarantee.

Financial Bank Guarantee

As the name suggests, the BG MT760 undertakes to pay a certain amount of money to the beneficiary, if any default occurs by the party. It is a promise from a bank that ensures they will step up if a buyer can’t cover a debt. Usually, they will issue a BG MT760 only after doing an analysis of the financial status of the company. Also, this is to determine the amount of guarantee they can provide; because if the party defaults, they will be liable to the beneficiary.

Like a line of credit, BG MT60 promise an amount of money to the beneficiary. In case, if there is any default occurs or counter party fails to perform the contract terms, then the BG MT760 is called. It also protects a buyer or seller from loss or damage, due to the default by the other party.

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In general, US sectors do not provide BG MT760; but they can issue other types of instruments that serve the same function. Instead of BG, they provide SBLC which is mostly used in global trade.

Financial Bank Guarantee - MT760

Use of Financial Bank Guarantee in Trade

For instance: A buyer wants to procure goods from a seller, but they do not have the cash capital to pay the seller. In such cases, BG MT760 would function as the payment term to an agreed amount to the seller. In case, if the seller is unable to deliver the goods, then the seller’s bank will pay the agreed amount to the buyer. This is how BG MT760 acts as a safety measure for both parties in the trade deals.

This MT760 helps traders to conclude their deals safely. Also, it helps to establish business relations with firms they haven’t had the chance to deal with. Further, this makes it possible to facilitate trade deals; even without paying upfront money for the goods.

Not only traders but project owners and contractors can also obtain MT760 to perform their projects without facing any fiscal risk.  However, to proceed with your BG request; banks may often demand cash margin or block funds.

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