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The Growth of International Trade after COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a huge impact on SMEs all over the world. The pandemic’s impact is mainly reflected in the US and all other European countries; where consumer demand plays a vital role in growth in the economy. Further, due to restrictions, curfews, quarantine, and all other factors; the impact made by COVID 19 on global trade is drastic. But how the growth of international trade would be after the COVID-19 outbreak?

How The Growth of International Trade after COVID-19

There is no doubt that the trade market is going to see blooming growth after the outbreak of COVID-19. Statistics have found that right after the COVID-19 recovery; World’s Economic Growth has been increased by 13.2%. Further, this showers some limelight on traders, who were looking for options to speed up their trade.

So, as a trader, you must pre-plan yourself with all the things you required to boost your trading business. Moreover, when it comes to trading, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is — acquiring financial help. Because of the decline in the economy, all banks are not ready to provide the financial help you required. So to help those traders, Trade Finance Providers like Bronze Wing Trading have come up with a range of Bank Instruments that include: Letter of Credit, Standby LC, Bank Comfort Letter, and Bank Guarantee for traders and contractors.

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How to Get International Trade Finance Support?

With 30 years of exp. in this field, we understand the recession faced by banks. Almost all banks have been squeezed; also, they are not ready to provide any kind of support in terms of loan or credit facility for their clients. Also, this makes traders face difficulty to conclude their trade deals.

Further, importers who don’t have cash funds available in their bank account, and those who don’t have a bank facility to open Bank instruments from their bank, can make use of Trade Finance Services offered by us, the leading Trade Finance Providers in Dubai.

Moreover, we can help traders to conclude their import and export deals by providing a range of Bank Instruments; without pledging any cash margin or any other forms of assurance from their end. So, if you’re looking to import or export goods from global or local traders; we are here to support you by providing the right Trade Finance Solution that meets your business needs!

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Also, we can help contractors and project owners with their building projects by providing – Advance Payment Bond, Performance Bond, and Bid Bond. Further, all our services are designed for our clients; in order to combat the effects of COVID-19; by making their trade more secure and profitable.

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For all your trade finance needs, you can rely on Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the Trade Finance Provider in Dubai. With a team of a dedicated team of trade finance experts, we can structure your local and cross-border trade dealings to conclude your business on time. Discuss with our team today to expand your business overseas & earn more profits amid the covid-19.

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