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How to Get Performance Bond without Blocking Your Cash Funds

If you want to ensure the positive fulfillment of a specific project or trade deal towards your project owner or buyer, then provide a Performance Bank Guarantee on your behalf and in favor of your counter parties. Having such a bond assures the project owner or the buyer that the work will be completed on time without any default. Further, this will increase your chance of signing the contracts. So, How to Get Performance Guarantee Bond on your behalf without investing cash funds? That’s what, the Performance Bond Providers in Dubai have explained in this video.

What is Performance Bond?

Performance Bonds are a written undertaking issued by a bank on behalf of its client to ensure the positive completion of the project or product supply. When your company starts bidding for a building project or a bulk trade deal; you will be expected to provide a Letter of Guarantee. And this ensures that you will oblige to the terms as stated in the contract, without fail.  Further, having this MT760 not only assures your performance; but also assures that you will be liable to pay losses; in case if you deviate from the agreed contract.

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How to Get Performance Bond

Usually when you contact your bank to get MT760 on your behalf; then there will be some T&Cs that you should oblige. It includes – depositing a certain percent of the bond value as a cash margin; or providing any tangible collateral. On the other hand, obliging to these banking demands is really daunting task, that’s why traders or contractors often look for Performance Guarantee Bonds providers, who can provide MT760s without blocking cash funds.

So, are you looking to get Bank Guarantee from European Banks without blocking your working capital? Then, Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the Performance Bond Providers in Dubai would be the right choice for you!

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Steps on – How to Get Performance Bond

  • Submit your PB MT760 request to us.
  • We will study your contractual agreement. And if it meets our terms, we will approve your request.
  • Then you need to sign the service agreement and pay the service charges.
  • Further, as the next step, with the help of our bank, we block our bank limit to structure your PB request. And then, we will send the draft for your review.
  • Once you approve the draft and pay the issuance fee, we will instruct our bank to issue the required Guarantee to the developer’s / buyer’s bank account via SWIFT MT760.

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you will be able to get the required bond from European Banks without blocking your cash funds.

Apply Performance Bond,

Getting Performance Bond on behalf of your company is easier than ever before with the help of Bronze Wing Trading, the Performance Bond Providers in Dubai. There is no need to block your working capital to get the MT760; rather, we will block our own Bank Limit & will get the PB MT760 issued on behalf of your company & in favor of your counterparties in 48hrs! Apply for Performance Bonds now and get ready to acquire worthy projects and deals!

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