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Our Success in Issuing SBLC Facility for a Chinese Buyer

When it comes to concluding trade deals or signing new contracts, often SMEs faced difficulties in getting the right financial support to expand their business. We, Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the SBLC Providers in Dubai understand the challenges faced by traders and provide trade finance support on their behalf to take their business to the next level. In this video, we have described how we have assisted the Chinese Buyer to conclude their car importation deal by extending the SBLC Facility.

How We Issued SBLC Facility?

Our Client Mr. T’ao Peng from China contacted us with their SBLC request to import cars from Germany. Since the buyer faced a lack of bank facilities to get the required facility from their bank, we extended our own bank facility and provided the required MT760 from our bank account.

Since we have our own account with European Banks; we didn’t demand any kind of collateral or cash margin from our client to issue the required MT760. Also, we did our best to issue the required SBLC on their behalf within 48hrs; once the issuance charges are received.

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Positive Review for the Issuance of SBLC Facility

In their note of appreciation, they have stated that “they want to convey their gratitude to us for the service we provide for the issuance of MT760”. Also, the client assured us that “they will continue having their relationship with us for all their future Trade Finance needs.” To read Mr. T’ao Peng Review, click here!

How to Get SBLC Facility from Us?

As a trader, you may face challenges when it comes to getting financial support to conclude your trade deals and contracts. If you’re in need of Standby LC to assure your payment to your supplier, then you can contact us with your SBLC request. Below are the steps of the SBLC Issuance Process which we follow to issue MT760 for our clients.

  1. First Step – Once we receive the SBLC request from you, we will do a complete analysis of your trade deal to find whether it complies with our terms or not. If so, we will approve your request.
  2. Secondly – Once we approved your request, we will send the service agreement to signed by you. Also, will inform you about the service charges to be paid to start the work on your deal.
  3. Third Step – After paying the service charges and getting the service agreement signed, we will structure your deal and will send the SBLC draft copy for your approval. Also, will inform you to pay the issuance fee to proceed with the MT760 issuance.
  4. Final Step – Once you approved the SBLC draft and the charges are paid, we will inform our bank to issue the Standby LC as per the draft approved by you. Accordingly, the bank will transmit the Standby Letter of Credit to the supplier’s bank account via SWIFT MT760.

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Unlike our competitors or other banking sectors, we do not pledge or demand any cash margin from our clients. Also, there is less paperwork and a short processing time. This is the reason why our clients prefer to do continuous business with us.

Get SBLC MT760 at ZERO Collateral,

Now you can get the required Standby LC from European Banks at ZERO Collateral by submitting your SBLC request to us! By having direct tie-ups with good repute banks, we specialize in providing Trade Finance Services for traders who are unable to secure funds through their banks.

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