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MT760 SBLC Transaction Agreement Signed with a Buyer from Ghana

Bronze Wing Trading, the SBLC Providers in Dubai now signed a service agreement with a buyer from Ghana in regards to their SBLC transaction in connection with the Rice import deal with the Thailand seller.

Bronze Wing Trading announced that they have signed the service agreement for the issuance of a Standby Letter of Credit with the Ghana-based company that holds the big share in the Ghanaian market for procuring and supplying Thai Jasmine Rice. Indeed, this agreement underpins that BWT is going to facilitate SBLC MT760 for a Rice Import deal from a good repute bank at ZERO Collateral. Helping traders with collateral-free Trade Finance is the key pillar of our firm’s overarching strategy. As a result, BWT is recognized as the Trusted & Genuine SBLC Providers in Dubai.

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MT760 SBLC – SBLC Providers – Standby Letter of Credit - Standby LC

Mr. Eniola, the buyer & client from Accra, Ghana stated, “We strongly believe Bronze Wing is the right Trade Finance Partner. Because in the first place, they are leading the trade finance industry by providing promising Commodity Finance for the past 30 years. Most importantly, BWT follows a simple process. Therefore, there is no burden for us to arrange piles of papers, or cash margin to get the MT760. Similarly, we feel very happy and proud to work with such a good repute Trade Finance Company in Dubai for our SBLC Finance needs.”

Commenting on this new SBLC deal, Mr. Muhammad Ismail, Founder & CEO of Bronze Wing stated, “We sincerely thank Mr. Eniola for choosing us for their Financial Guarantee need. Also, we assure them that we can provide the best possible services to conclude their Rice deal on time. At this instant, we have signed the service agreement with our client. Further, as the next step process, our team will enter into the process of structuring their MT760 with our bank. In the meantime, once it is done, we will send the MT760 draft within a day for their review. And then, the client needs to approve the draft and pay the issuance fees. Finally, we will proceed with the issuance of MT760 on behalf of their company & in favor of their Rice supplier from Thailand.”

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Continuing the above statement, the trade finance expert from BWT added, “We understand the urgent demand of Standby LC for our client to conclude their Rice transaction. With this in mind, we are working speedily to structure their SBLC deal with our bank. Above all, we have our own accounts in good repute International Banks. So we can confidently provide our clients the best SBLC Finance support that they require to conclude their trade deals on time.”

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If you require our support for your SBLC needs, you can contact us at any time. Being the SBLC Providers in Dubai, we can provide the required Standby LC from our own Bank Accounts at ZERO Cash Margin in 2 banking days. To get started with the MT760 SBLC transaction, discuss with us now!

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