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SBLC Issuance from European Banks – How to Get Standby Letter of Credit

Looking for the financing option to conclude trade transactions without blocking working capital? Then, MT760 is the right solution!  Having MT760 facilitates domestic and international trade transactions and also proves the creditworthiness of the buyer! Here we are going to discuss the process of SBLC Issuance from European Banks.

What is SBLC MT760 – SBLC Issuance?

SBLC MT760 which is issued by a bank acts as an undertaking to ensure that the bank will be liable to make the payment; in case if the buyer can’t able to make it as promised. Traders often prefer to use Standby LC as their payment terms, because it comes with the solution to get out from the worst-case scenario.

To receive an MT760 from banks, buyers need to provide a 100% cash margin as a deposit to meet the marginal demands of the banks. If the buyer faces short of funds or if they are not willing to block their working capital, then the bank will decline their request. In such cases, the only available option for a buyer to get MT760 is – Getting Help from SBLC Providers in Dubai.

SBLC Providers in Dubai

With more than 30 years of experience in facilitating our clients’ trade finance needs; Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. is the leading SBLC Providers in Dubai. We extend our bank facilities on behalf of buyers to provide Standby LC without availing cash margin. Till date, we have facilitated Standby LC for more than 25,000 clients to conclude their global and global trade deals. 

Are you in need of Standby LC for your trade deals? Follow the simple SBLC Process given below to avail Standby LC from European Banks within 48 working hours.

SBLC Issuance – How to Get a Standby LC

  • The buyer submits their requirements to us along with the details of their trade deal.
  • Our team will study and approve their request if they obliged with all the terms.
  • In this stage, the client needs to sign the service agreement and to pay the service charges.
  • We will start working on their deal and will send the MT760 draft for their review and approval.
  • The client approves the draft and will pay the SBLC issuance fee charges.
  • And finally, we will forward the request to our bank and will instruct them to issue the required SBLC directly to the supplier’s bank via Swift MT760.

If you’re looking to the genuine provider of SBLC Issuance for your trade deal, contact us today!

Get SBLC MT760 from us without blocking your cash funds!

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