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Bronze Wing Trading Signs Agreement with Brazilian Buyer for Financial SBLC Issuance

The leading Trade Finance Provider in Dubai now joins hands with a Buyer from Brazil to support them with their Financial SBLC needs.

Bronze Wing Trading, the SBLC Providers in Dubai announced its new deal to issue a Standby Letter of Credit for a Brazilian buyer to import Garlic from China.

The Covid-19 crisis had an immense impact on the commodity trade market. Further, the garlic import & export market also seems somewhat depressed. But, Brazil has been an exception. As per the recent stats, the demand for garlic increased in Brazil; also, the export of garlic from China to Brazil has been increased by 50%.

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Knowing the current market demand of Garlic, the buyer from Brazil decided to import Garlic from China; then supply it to the local market. On account of this deal, they required Financial SBLC. Via Google, they found Bronze Wing, as a Genuine SBLC Providers in Dubai. Further, they contacted us with their SBLC request. After initial discussions via Email & Phone Calls, the client visited our office in Dubai directly to sign the service agreement; also, to pay the service charges.

Financial SBLC – Standby Letter of Credit – SBLC Providers

Financial SBLC Issuance

Following the above statement, the buyer from Brazil stated, “We require Standby LC to import garlic from China. And by luck, we found BWT, the trusted provider of SBLC. Also, now I came to Dubai personally to meet BWT professionals to know the T&Cs & to sign the service agreement with BWT for the SBLC issuance. Also, we feel happy to join hands with the BWT team for our SBLC Finance needs.”

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Stating the new SBLC deal, one of the team members from BWT Stated, “We feel proud in welcoming and serving the client from Brazil for their SBLC needs. Further, we had a fruitful meeting with the client, in regards to their garlic import deal. Also, we feel honored that they have chosen us to fulfill their trade finance needs. Also, we look forward to a long-term connection with them.”

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