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LC at Sight

LC Issuance – Letter of Credit – LC at Sight – LC Providers

Successful LC Issuance to Import Toyota Hilux Pickup Trucks from UAE

Bronze Wing Trading, the Letter of Credit Providers in Dubai has issued a Letter of Credit on behalf of a Sudanese buyer to import Toyota Hilux Double Cabin Pickups from...
How to Get Letter of Credit from Bank – LC Process

How to Get Letter of Credit from Bank to Import Goods from Overseas?

Today’s global economy mainly depends on overseas trading. But dealing with global traders means facing challenges that aren’t present when you are dealing with local traders. Know how to Get...
Letter of Credit Issuance – LC Providers in Dubai – Scrap Metal Import

Letter of Credit Issuance from European Banks for a Dubai Trader

Our Client owns a company in Dubai Free Zone which deals with scrap metals. Further, to expand their product line, they decided to import copper scrap from a seller. Also,...
LC Payable at Sight – LC Providers in Dubai – DLC MT700

Issued LC Payable at Sight to Import Bitumen from UAE

Japan makes its presence in the Middle East as the largest importer of Bitumen High Grade. For which, they depend on Middle East Countries for their Bitumen imports. Accordingly, a...
Letter of Credit Checklist – How to Review the Issued LC

Letter of Credit Checklist – How to Review the Issued LC

There are many traders out there who don’t even review the Letter of credit Checklist in the issued LC until they submit it to the bank. Further, read this blog...
MT700 Swift – Letter Of Credit Issued By Bank – Bronze Wing Trading Success

Bronze Wing Trading’s Success in Issuing MT700 Swift on Behalf of a Turkish Buyer

A Turkish buyer required LC MT700 Swift to import Wet Salted Cow Hides from USA. Bronze Wing Trading, the Letter of Credit Providers helped the buyer by providing LC MT700...
Usance LC – Letter of Credit Providers – LC MT700 – Bronze Wing Trading

Indian Trader Availed Usance LC to Import High-Tech Thermal Camera Kits from Dubai

Many countries are preparing to lift restrictions to protect its economy from the aftermaths of COVID -19. And this increases the demand for PPE supplies, especially gloves, masks, and thermal...
LC Payment at Sight – DLC MT700 – LC Providers – Imports and Exports

What is LC Payment at Sight in Imports?

LC Payment at Sight, the payment term used in international trade finance to secure trade dealings from financial risks involved. Also, it gives more assurance for payment; so mostly preferred...
LC Terms and Conditions – LC MT700 – LC Providers

Documentary LC Terms and Conditions

Documentary Letters of Credit have been used for centuries to facilitate payment in global trade dealing. Further, ICC – UCP rules for Documentary Credits govern LC Terms and Conditions. Also,...
How Letters of Credit Work - LC MT700 - Letter of Credit Providers

How Letters of Credit Work?

Letter of Credit, a written undertaking issued by a bank, on behalf of its client, i.e. an importer or a buyer. This acts as a promise from a bank to...
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