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Letter of Credit Checklist – How to Review the Issued LC

There are many traders out there who don’t even read the issued LCs until they submit it to the bank. Usually, once they received the LCs from the buyer or importer, they assume it as a token of advance. And, immediately put it inside the filing cabinet for safe-keeping & start shipping the goods. But, it’s not an ideal way!

Yes…. Letters of Credit can be a token of advance as it guarantees payment. But in order to get the payment, your DLC should comply with certain Letter of Credit Terms and conditions. Further, to ensure this, it’s a must to review the LCs, once you received it. i.e. before you ship your goods.

Here, we have come up with a checklist that will help you to get a basic understanding of the document. So, read on this guide to review each and every detail in the issued DLC MT700.

Letter of Credit Checklist

Letter of Credit Checklist – How to Review the Issued LC

Company Name & Address Spelled Correctly

Maybe your company has more than one physical location. But the address that appears on the issued Letters of Credit should be your corporate headquarter. Also, make sure to double-check whether the company name is spelled correctly everywhere. In case, if any error occurs, the bank will raise a discrepancy, so make sure to check it properly.

Mentioned Amount and Currency

Make sure to check whether the amount and currency are mentioned as per the agreed sales & purchase contract or the proforma invoice. Keep in mind that you may unable to draw more than the value mentioned in MT700. On the other hand, if the words “approximately or about” are used, then there might be a chance to have a scope of plus or minus of the total value.

Tenure of the Draft

It’s based on when you are expecting payment. If it’s at the time of document presentation, then DLC at Sight draft is required. In case, if you agreed to a specified time period, then the tenure of the draft should accurately reflect the correct number of days.

List of Goods and Merchandise

The list of goods and descriptions on your proforma invoice should clearly match the description in the LC. In case, if anything misspelled on the LCs, either you’ll have to misspell the same on the invoice or need to have the DLC amended.

LC Fees and Charges

Usually, the buyer needs to pay all the Charges to their bank. Outside the buyer’s bank country, the seller will be responsible for all the charges that occur in their bank or any intermediary bank. Also, this has to be clearly stated on the issued MT700.

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LC Under UCP 600

If the LC issued in a SWIFT format, the issuing bank agreed to subject their LC to the latest version of UCP 600. Further, if it is issued in any other format and doesn’t mention anything about UCP 600, then you must have to amend the DLC.

These are the important checkpoints you need to look into, once you received the Swift MT700 in your hand. After reviewing it, if you determined that everything seems to be okay, you can proceed with the shipment.

How to Apply Letter of Credit?

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