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How traders can benefit from our Trade Finance Facilities?

Trade Finance is the method that is often used by importers and exporters to finance their global/local trade. Mostly, when it comes to trading; sellers look for an option to reduce the payment risks for the goods supplied. On the other hand, buyers want to rest assured; that they will receive the goods as per the agreed contract. So, here comes the role of using Trade Finance Facilities. Certainly, this assists clients to secure their trade deals from the risk involved.

Trade Finance Facilities

Further, a recent study from the World Trade Organization says that 80 – 90% of world trade depends on financing. Also, it states that financing helps buyers / sellers to keep on moving; even they don’t have enough cash flow to finance their deals.

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In addition, Trade Financing is the term that covers various financial tools; and it includes – DLC MT700, Standby Letter of Credit MT760, Bank Guarantee MT760, Bank Comfort Letter MT799. Also, Advance Payment Guarantee, Performance Bond, and Bid Bond.

Trade Finance Services Provider

Benefits of Availing Trade Finance Facilities

  • It gives sellers the peace of mind that payment is assured
  • Improves the trust between the buyer and the seller
  • Reduces bankruptcy risks
  • Also, helps to ease cash constraints or cash gaps
  • Make global deals easier anytime you want it
  • You don’t have to include cash margin or tangible collateral
  • Also, make your business grow and yield more profit

Moreover, by knowing the emerging needs of Trade Finance; banks are offering help for the needy traders. But, to avail such services from them, they need to comply with a few banking terms. Also, banks may demand a cash margin or blocked funds to approve their request.

Mostly, for many traders arranging a 100% cash margin to avail LC MT700 or SBLC MT760 on their behalf is a daunting task. So, they look for someone who can offer them the right solution without pledging any cash margin. That’s why we’re here for you! Further, we, Bronze Wing Trading, the trade finance providers in Dubai can help you by providing the support you need. In addition, we assist our clients by providing a range of services without availing cash collateral or security. Further, our team of experts helps you to find the best options to help you grow your trade flows.

Are you facing a lack of cash funds? Also, having no bank facility to avail financial products? Contact us today!

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