Letter of Credit

We provide Irrevocable Letter of Credit which is known as Documentary LC, import LC, mt700 for traders who do not have Cash Margin or Collateral to conclude their trade deals…. Quick Procedure >

Standby Letter of Credit

Standby Letter Of Credit or Standby LC (SBLC Mt760) certainly can be arranged on behalf of buyers who need to acquire the merchandise on credit terms from their seller / exporter…. Quick Procedure >

Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee – MT760 or Performance Guarantee indeed can be provided to the companies or contractors who wish to avail lucrative contracts of commodities or projects…. Quick Procedure >

Why Choose Us ?

  • Best Banks

  • No Financial Collateral Required

  • Competitive Rates

  • Deal Closed in 24 Hours*

  • More Than Decades of Experience & Trust

  • Global Reach

Success Stories

Bank Guarantee Helps South Korean Trader a Successful Crude Oil Deal

A Korean company signed a contract with a Saudi Tycoon specifically to import Crude Oil in their country. Moreover, as per sales and purchase agreement the payment terms was agreed a Bank Guarantee MT760 in favor of Saudi supplier to accomplish their deal. Since the Korean company was a medium range company in terms of their financial. Therefore, their banks required a huge security to issue the MT760 for their Crude Oil deal.

In brief, their financial consultant recommended Bronze Wing Trading LLC, Dubai to use their trade finance facilities to arrange the required BG. Hence, the Korean company contacted BWT and successfully concluded their BG – MT 760 transaction. In conclusion, they paid very nominal charges without pledging any financial collateral…. Read Full Story >

What Our Clients Say

Of course, we will always recommend Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. as our trusted partner for providing Trade Finance Services. They wisely structured our LC transaction and likewise in return we received the required product from our seller. Thus, we thank you BWT for your support.
Terry Lai, UK.
Indeed, I am truly impressed by the results. Because they were fast and convenient. Since I requested for a Bank Guarantee for my Petroleum deal. So, I visited their Dubai office and provided them my application with supporting documents. Thus, after the evaluation, they have approved my transaction. As soon as I paid the charges they completed BG transaction as promised by them.
Ahsan Kareem, UAE.
Thank you BWT for assisting us by providing an LC – MT700 surely from a well-known bank. It was a major concern of my supplier that the MT700 to be issued specifically from a Genuine Bank. In brief, BWT successfully catered our needs by providing the required LC from a Good rated bank which met our supplier’s benchmark.
Isaac Daniel, Canada.
In fact, this is my second transaction with Bronze Wing Trading. Indeed, I would like to appreciate their services all the way around from start to finish. Moreover, they tailored my SBLC transaction exactly as it was required to be. Keep up the GREAT work!
Juan Lucas, Spain.

Latest Transactions

Requirement: LC – MT700

Amount: USD 2,500,000/-

Validity: 90 Days

Buyer: Nigeria

Seller: Thailand

In brief, we helped our client who immediately required Import LC USD 2,500,000/- for 90 days to import Parboiled Rice from Thailand. Since they did not want to lose the offered price and wanted (LC – MT 700) to be issued promptly. BWT accordingly provided irrevocable LC after receiving the relevant transaction details, documents and the charges.

Requirement: Bank Guarantee – MT760

Amount: USD 2,320,000/-

Validity: 90 Days

Buyer: Ghana

Seller: China

A client approached us especially from Ghana and was in need of a (BG – MT 760). They required BG as soon as possible for their import of Trucks from China. In fact, they were well-reputed transport company in Accra. In the first place we requested them to provide their company’s legal documents. As a result, we evaluated their financial worth as per the provided documents and upon receipt of fee charges. Finally, we facilitated a BG amounting USD 2,320,000/- for their Truck deal.

Requirement: Letter of Comfort – BCL

Buyer: Nigeria

Seller: USA

Due to rapid shortage of Jet Fuel in Nigeria and local banks unwilling to support their customer in Trade Finance because of lack of foreign exchange. As a result this instability making it even more difficult for the traders to import Jet Fuel (JP54) from abroad. We, Bronze Wing Trading LLC facilitated Jet Fuel importation by providing Letter of Comfort – MT799 on behalf of a well-known Nigerian company to their seller in USA under those circumstances.

Requirement: Standby LC – MT760

Amount: USD 4,250,000/-

Validity: 365 Days

Buyer: California, USA

Seller: Brazil

Sugar is one of the most important commodity. A client approached us from California who didn’t have enough bank facility and certainly was in need of Standby Letter of Credit – SBLC – MT 760 for their sugar import. Thus, we assisted them to structure Standby LC for their Sugar deal in such a way that they can sell the Sugar commodity right at the same time to their end-buyer. After reviewing their financials and upon receipt of issuance fee charges, we finally provided Standby LC – SBLC for a value USD 4,250,000/- to their seller in Brazil.