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Mr. Muhammad Ismail, the CEO of BWT Explains “Different Types of Trade Finance Instruments”

Mr. Muhammad Ismail, the CEO, and Founder of Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C.  shares valuable insights on different types of Trade Finance Instruments available for traders and contractors.

Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the top Trade Finance Provider in Dubai offers the best services to big, small, and medium businesses to conclude their trade deals on time. We spread our wings all over the globe with an aim to serve the clients who are in need of Trade Finance support such as – Letter of Credit, SBLC, & Bank Guarantee.

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While discussing with the CEO of BWT regarding Global Trade, he enlightened us by sharing the key insights into Trade Finance. He stated, “90% of World trade depends on International Trade Finance. Whether it’s a small, or medium-sized business; traders won’t have millions of dollars available in their bank account to conclude their deals on time. So, here comes the importance of using Trade Finance.”

Different Types of Trade Finance Instruments – Trade Finance Providers in Dubai

He also stated, “There is a wide range of Bank Instruments available for traders. Further, it includes – Letter of Credit, Standby LC, & Bank Guarantees. These banking tools assist traders to do their business with vendors without facing any fiscal issues. Further, we are in this industry to support traders who require these instruments for their trading business. Since we provide Bank Instruments from our own Bank Accounts; there is no need to provide cash margin or collateral. Rather, we will use our own credit lines; also, we will block our bank limit as per your trade deal & will provide the required support to conclude your deals on time.”

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Mr. Muhammad Ismail, an iconic dignitary has 30 plus years of sound knowledge in assisting the traders’ community. Also, he has a successful track record of helping more than 25,000 clients. Further, this gives Bronze Wing, an eminent position in the Trade Finance market.

The trade finance expert from Bronze Wing added, “Being the best Trade Finance provider with a high portfolio, we have made a reputed name in the global trade market. Also, all our products – DLC, SBLC & BGs are designed to enable the clients to deal with their counterparties in an easy way. Moreover, the expertise of our CEO & having our own Bank Facilities will also be added as the greatest plus for the success of BWT.”

Whether you require LC, or SBLC for your import & export needs or need BGs for your projects, submit your request to us. We will get back to you with a FREE Quote in 24hrs. You can also schedule a meeting with our Trade Finance Experts to find out the best ways to conclude multiple deals at a time with less investment.

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