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BWT Signs a New Agreement with a Malaysian Trader for the Issuance of Guarantee Bond

Bronze Wing Trading, the Performance Bond Providers in Dubai have signed a strategic alliance with a Malaysian trader to provide a Guarantee Bond – BG MT760 for their Diesel Oil EN590-10PPM deal.

With eminent experience in the trade finance field, we are here to support the needy traders by extending our own credit lines available with good repute banks. As one of the trusted trade finance providers in Dubai, we are serving the trade finance community for more than 30 years,

This deep expertise in the trade finance industry makes Bronze Wing Trading, the point of contact for traders and contractors; whenever they are in need of trade finance support. Also, we have spread wings all over the world to support clients globally. We have achieved many milestones by issuing Bank Instruments on time; further, till now, we continue the same level of service and support towards our clients.

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We are happy to share our recent deal for the issuance of a Guarantee Bond to facilitate Diesel Oil EN590-10PPM. While asking about this new alliance, the CEO of BWT stated, “The client had an urgent demand of 2% Performance Bond; in favor of their buyer to conclude their Diesel Oil Deal.  So, they contacted us with their request via one of the brokers in Dubai. And now, we are very happy to extend our credit lines to issue the required Bond.”

Guarantee Bond – 2% Performance Bond – Performance Bond Providers

Requirement of Guarantee Bond 

While enquiring about this trade deal, the broker from the client end stated, “We have worked with many providers before, but all were having some hidden agendas to deceive us. This time, from the initial hello to the signing of the agreement; Bronze Wing is very transparent in explaining their services, & process. Now, we are happy to work with BWT on behalf of our client. Also, we are feeling very proud to have the chance to work with Bronze Wing, the BG Provider in Dubai.”

One of the trade finance experts from BWT stated, “Our doors are always open for the clients who are in need of trade finance support to conclude their trade deals on time. Since we have made tie-ups with many banks; so, our clients can rest assured that they will receive the instruments from rated banks.”

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