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BWT Receives a New Bank Guarantee Request to Import TEXOL Ultra Max Lubricants

Bank Guarantee Request – BG Providers in Dubai – BG MT760

We are proudly sharing the News of the receipt of a Bank Guarantee Request of tenure 90 Days from a client to import TEXOL Ultra Max Lubricant Engine Oil.

One of the trusted Broker from Dubai contacted us for the issuance of BG for their Client from Cameroon; to import TEXOL Ultra Max Lubricant from a leading Supplier in UAE.

The broker stated, “Our Client required a Guarantee from Bank to import the required oil from UAE Supplier. As we have good terms with Bronze Wing; also, since they have their own facilities, we decided that BWT can help us to proceed with this deal. So, we have forwarded our client’s BG request to them. Further, we hope that BWT will help our client to conclude their deal; by providing the required BG MT760.”

Bank Guarantee Providers in Dubai

Being BG Providers in Dubai, Bronze Wing Trading specializes in providing guarantees for our clients; who are looking to get MT760s without blocking their cash funds. Not only, we assist traders with their import deal, but also, we extend our facilities for contractors; who require BGs to sign building projects. Also, we have successfully structured more than 25,000 clients’ transactions; with the help of our own European Bank Accounts.

Further, when speaking about this lubricant transaction, BWT team said, “Our team has started doing due diligence on their BG request. Further, if their request falls into our terms and conditions, we will approve their request. Then, we will forward them a service agreement to start the work on this. Since we are having our own bank facilities; so, it will not take more than 48 banking hours to conclude their BG MT760 deal.”

Further, our CEO stated, “If you are an agent or broker and have projects in hand that need our support for the issuance of any types of Bank Guarantees or LC at Sight or Standby LC, contact us today! We can help to fulfill your transactions. Moreover, we have an office in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE, and proudly serving our clients across the globe!”

For your Bank Guarantee request, you can apply online or contact us via email!

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