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BWT Structured Comfort Letter to Import EN590 Diesel Fuel

Bronze Wing Trading facilitated Comfort Letter on behalf of a Hong Kong buyer to import EN590 Diesel Fuel from Rotterdam. This BCL MT799 we have issued to certify that the buyer is financially stable to embark on this deal.

Our client from Hong Kong had an urgent requirement of 25000 Tons/month of EN590 Jet Fuel. And they are planning to purchase the required fuel from a supplier in Rotterdam. Further, the supplier demanded the buyer to show the Letter of Comfort to verify the buyer’s financial strength. The buyer contacted us with their MT799 request. And, we have structured the Letter of Comfort with our bank which proved the fiscal strength of the buyer.

“We have worked with our bank to structure the BCL MT799 as per the diesel fuel deal. And then, we have sent the BCL draft copy, to the client for their approval. Further, once we got the final approval from the client, we have informed our bank to issue the required Bank Letter of Comfort via authenticated SWIFT MT799 directly to the supplier’s bank account,” explained one of the trade finance experts from Bronze Wing Trading in Dubai.

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Comfort Letter – SWIFT MT799 – BCL Bank

Successful Issuance of Comfort Letter

While asking about this transaction, the client from Hong Kong said, “We were in financial crunches. Moreover, we can’t able to get the required support from banks. So, we contacted BWT with our BCL request. Since they are having their own bank accounts in European Banks, we were confident that they will definitely help us to get the required MT799 to sign the diesel fuel contract. And they made it happen! Yes, BWT issued the BCL to our supplier’s bank account. Our supplier felt satisfied by seeing the proof of our financial strength & agreed to sign the contract with us. Further, we wish to convey our sincere thanks to BWT for this great success.”

For more than 3 decades, we are in this trade finance industry by providing the best trade finance support for our clients. Further, we have received more positive reviews & feedbacks from our clients. Also, this makes us do our best when it comes to providing trade finance support.

The CEO of BWT, Mr. Ismail stated that “We have worked on this kind of transaction many times before & we have successfully concluded all. For this BCL transaction, we have worked with one of the best banks in Europe. Also, we got the MT799 issued on behalf of the buyer in less than 2 days. That’s really a great success for us. We hereby wish to convey to all the clients that whenever you are in need of LC, SBLC, or BCL to support your trade deal or contract, do call us or send us an email! BWT will always standby with you!”

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